My Favorites 2022 - £5,000 portfolio

It's December 2021 and I'm starting my personal "Favorite Portfolio 2022".

This is a sample portfolio, which I use as an example with my personal favorites Seedrs populate startups. A total of GBP 5,000 is to be invested for this purpose within the next 10-15 months. The size of the investments will be around GBP 200 to 500 per startup, resulting in a portfolio of around 15-20 startups.

This is a sample portfolio. I will also invest in every startup mentioned here in my own portfolio. In my real portfolio, I invest at least the amount mentioned here (or more).

Investments are made in the startups via the platform Seedrs. Startups listed in the new Private Deal Room section are included. Pre-emption rounds are also included in the investment universe if new investors can participate in them. I reserve the right to use up to GBP 250 in total to buy a mini share of startups via the secondary market. This share is not an investment that should bring returns. Instead, the mini-share is only used to buy an entry ticket to participate in future pre-emption rounds, which are only open to existing investors. I also reserve the right to make individual sales on the monthly secondary market in order to increase the cash balance of the portfolio again if, in my opinion, the investment case of a startup deteriorates significantly.

This portfolio is my personal sample portfolio and could theoretically be replicated by interested investors. It will be in this portfolio not paid attention to tax advantages that can arise, for example, for UK investors through the use of EIS/SEIS.

Around immediately To find out about a new investment for the 2022 portfolio, subscribe to the newsletter here. The contents of the newsletter will also be published as blog articles, but only at a later point in time or after the investment round may already have closed.

Here are the first investments in this series:
Part 1, Favorites Portfolio 2022: DeadHappy & Hectare
Part 2, Favorites Portfolio 2022: Cushon

Disclosure of conflicts of interest: I have invested in some of the startups mentioned at an earlier time and/or at a lower valuation or better terms.

Risk Notice: This is my personal sample portfolio 2022. The content is for general information only and is not guaranteed. It is about not a recommendation to buy or sell certain startups or financial instruments. It is here not about investment advice. Her decide for yourself what her power. Investments in startups are high-risk investments and regularly lead to the total loss of the capital invested. It is an illiquid investment class. Please also note that Disclaimer.


I have been investing in startups since 2014. In recent years, my portfolio has grown to over 150 investments of various sizes. On my blog I regularly report about crowd investing and my investments.

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