Seedrs: Request all pitch decks?

In order to optimize my investment performance in the long term, I get the pitch decks and files from all startups when a new round of financing is due. Initially released, access to this data is permanent. This has the advantage of being able to access it later at any time and to be able to compare target and actual performance for sales and profit, user growth, etc. even years later. This gives me long-term transparency as to whether the startup is creating realistic plans and implementing them or whether optimistic castles in the air are being built with negative deviations from the planned figures.


I have been investing in startups since 2014. In recent years, my portfolio has grown to over 150 investments of various sizes. On my blog I regularly report about crowd investing and my investments.

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  1. Martin

    Hello Philip, I have just found you blog via Seedrs and It is pretty interesting. I'm using It with Google translator because I'm pretty weak at speaking german. What you are doing is pretty gap filling. I found very few blogs in connection to startup investing on the internet which is as informative as yours.

    Keep it up!

    1. Philip

      Thanks Martin Glad to hear you like my posts!
      Based on your comment I just used Google Translate myself to check the result:
      While few parts don't make much sense with a machine translation, 85% is actually really well translated. I'm impressed how machine translation has improved over the last few years.

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